Change Lives Here: Our 90 Day Update


Pam McMeekin

When we created our 90-day action plan, we did so with the following goal in mind: to build an agency that demonstrates true diversity and actively advocates for anti-racism. Last month, we gave our 60-days in update with our progress and plans for the future. We’re proud to share what has happened over the last month, and how the work doesn’t stop here. 

We had our introduction to diversity and inclusion training session with Cicely Belle Blain of Cicely Blain Consulting. Cicely virtually guided us through different ways we can create a more inclusive work environment and educated us on topics including equity vs. equality. We won’t spoil everything, especially if you are planning on taking a similar course, but it was an experience that left us with more questions than answers – and this is a good thing. We’ve continued to reflect on our own behaviours and how we can hold ourselves and each other accountable. After all, it’s on all of us to create an environment that is accepting and inclusive, from our behaviour to the language we use.

We held our first book club review of Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. One of the most interesting things for us in this novel were the things we didn’t catch and had to read twice. Without giving anything away, these moments really highlighted our own experience as white women and the particular lense with which we view the world. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?

We launched In Good Form. Our pro-bono program is officially live and open for applications. As part of this program, we will provide $10,000 in 100% free customized strategic PR support to a qualifying, BIPoC and female-identifying-led business every quarter. Applications close on Monday, October 19, click the link above to apply now.

While these 90 days may be over, our work is just beginning. Our action plan was not created to expire after three months. We’re looking forward to continuing to further educate ourselves on how we can create a more meaningful and inclusive business. Have questions about In Good Form or anything else we’ve talked about here? We’d love to hear from you and our DMs are always open.

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