Change Lives Here: Our 60 Day Update


Pam McMeekin

It’s been 60 days since we announced our 90-day action plan and our goal to build an agency that demonstrates true diversity and actively advocates for anti-racism. A lot has happened over the past 60 days… and a lot hasn’t. We’re giving you the honest truth because it not only keeps us accountable, it also shows that this process does not stop at 90 days. After three months we don’t expect to be perfect, but we do plan to stick to the goals we set in our plan and continue to move forward. 

We booked a team introduction to a diversity and inclusion training session with Cicely Belle Blain of Cicely Blain Consulting. By the time of this blog post, we had planned to have already completed this training session and to include some of our takeaways here. However, due to scheduling issues, this has been moved to Friday, September 18. We are all incredibly excited for this workshop and looking forward to implementing what we learn. You may have noticed we posted some of Cicely’s words on an Instagram post when we first started our journey of looking inwards and tearing down our own prejudices.

In Good Form, our quarterly pro-bono program designed to amplify Canadian brands led by women of colour, is set to launch in September with a call for applications. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes on parameters for this program and how we can ensure that the businesses we work with receive the exact services they need as well as the tools for continued success after our formal relationship ends. Stay tuned for more updates next month.

Two months ago, we announced our commitment to diversify our creative collaborators. Since then, we have put out a call for submissions on our social platforms as well as created a permanent listing on our careers page.

It was important to us to empower our team with the freedom to explore the causes that hold meaning with them, whether that’s through marching, protesting, or volunteering. We have added an additional two days off dedicated for advocacy and volunteer work for each employee to use to support causes of their choice. We are hoping to schedule a socially-distanced team volunteering opportunity before the end of summer. This has been a challenge due to COVID-19, but we are determined to find something that the whole team can feel confident and comfortable with.

We started our #REFReads book club, featuring a new novel each quarter written by a female-identifying Black or Indigenous woman. We recently finished our first novel, Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid with a team discussion planned for the beginning of September. Up next? The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi.

We acknowledge that this is just the beginning in demonstrating diversity and we still have a long way to go. This process has reminded us that the good things in life don’t come easy but we’re ready to rise to the challenge. We’re all looking forward to the great things coming at Reformation and are excited to keep you updated on our journey.

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