Our 20 Wins for 2020


Georgia Dueck

As a rollercoaster year comes to a close, we wanted to end on a positive note and share our top 20 wins of 2020. From our clients shifting to an e-commerce model to staying connected with our team virtually (hello Zoom workouts, happy hours, celebrations, and more), we’re proud to share some of the milestones we’re most proud of. Read on to learn more, and we’ll see you in 2021!

  1. Every Tuesday morning we virtually met and worked out together, from Yoga to HIIT or a moment of quiet meditation. 
  2. VQA wine brands Red Rooster, Sandhill and Gray Monk shifted to e-commerce as online shopping became a necessity in the pandemic. 
  3. We welcomed lots of great new clients’ to Reformation.
  4. Welcoming back Georgia Dueck to our team.
  5. Launched In Good Form, our new quarterly pro-bono program designed to amplify BIPOC, female-identifying voices. 
  6. Committing to our 90-day action plan, which included our introduction to diversity and inclusion training session with Cicely Belle Blain.
  7. We launched our first book club, featuring novels written by Black and Indigenous womxn. So far we have read: Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid and The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi.
  8. Planned one of our favourite photoshoots to date (a cabin escape and mini-team sleepover in Squamish, BC) for Wayne Gretzky Estates.
  9. We enjoyed a weekly happy hour, complete with themes and costumes to celebrate holidays.
  10. Our client Sandhill’s Rosé sold out in less than six months.  
  11. We welcomed a new, furry friend to the Reformation team: Georgia’s puppy Fern.
  12. Working from home allowed Megan more time to get creative in the kitchen and show off our creations to our team.
  13. Claire completed a month long yoga challenge and a 14 day workout challenge
  14. Riley finished her Public Relations Certificate through Simon Fraser University and started at Reformation. 
  15. Pivoted our business at the start of COVID-19 to provide pro bono support to businesses in need.
  16. Attended 10+ virtual workshops throughout the year by Brainstation, Meltwater, Sprout, Later, and more.
  17. Pam took advantage of the travel restrictions to (safely) explore our beautiful BC backyard  
  18. The transition to remote work has allowed our employees the flexibility to work from where they want – Megan enjoyed working from the peace and quiet of Big White in the summertime. 
  19. Despite being away from each other physically, we grew so much closer as a team by providing support and care, even from afar.
  20. We learned a lot from and with our clients as we navigated “unprecedented times,” and couldn’t have gotten through the year without their support!

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