Pitch Perfect: Our step-by-step guide for getting your brand in the news


Amanda Haines Lazeski

In a media landscape that is becoming increasingly saturated with new forms of media, one thing has remained the same: traditional media is a key part of building credibility for your brand. With a unique media relations strategy that exposes your brand to the outlets that its target demographic is already enjoying, we leverage our extensive media relationships to secure coverage in newspapers, magazines, TV and beyond.

Thanks to a killer marketing strategy and our industry expertise, Gus Sloan is already catching the attention of valuable media and customers alike. Founded just one year ago, this Edmonton-based fashion brand is the hopeful future of fashion. Not only does Gus Sloan use body positive marketing, but they also design their jumpsuits for all body types, focusing on making the wearer feel great in their own skin. The brand lives and dies by ethical production methods: all jumpsuits are made with Canadian-sourced fabrics, and each piece is made-to-order and sewn by hand. Low waste, local production and body-positive branding? This brand deserves to be seen and heard.

Earning coverage solely from writers who found your brand themselves is fantastic. It’s always a nice surprise when you weren’t even aware that they knew who you were, but beating them to the punch by giving them a story about your brand is even better. This gives you a chance to steer the direction of the narrative. We can help get your brand in front of its consumers by earning that coveted coverage. Here’s how we do it.


What are you all about? We dig into the values that your brand is built on, its genesis story, what kind of product or service you’re selling, who your customers are, and why any of that matters to writers and consumers. By identifying key messages from your story, we’re able to better position your brand for coverage in targeted media outlets. 


We sit down and dig deeper– our goal is to identify an angle we can focus on. What makes your brand stand out? Who is the right audience for your story? Having already identified your brand story, we begin to break it down into smaller, more digestible pieces for the media. Gus Sloan’s core value of body positivity is a driving force behind who they are. Their dedication to this message has attracted the attention of publications from Vancouver to Regina in coverage like Aleesha Harris’ Style Q&A for the Vancouver Sun.


We think about every possible angle that we could approach your brand’s story from. Do you have a big release coming up? Is there something that happens for your brand seasonally, or is there a column that focuses specifically on one part of your business? Gus Sloan releases a special edition jumpsuit every season, giving us ample opportunity to start building hype just in time for a season change, as we did with this VITA Daily piece for their Fall release. 

Time It

With key angles identified, we look at our timing. With national days, season changes and natural events in mind, we consider when each angle will have the most impact for your brand and break down our pitching plan accordingly. 


Once we have all of the above behind us, we start writing. Pitches are a bit like cover letters. Each one should be personalized, to the point, and showcase the key points of your story. Instead of selling yourself, you are selling your brand to a writer or producer.

Track and Report

With the pitch plan in effect and having made contact with your key media targets, the rewarding part begins. As media picks up your story and your brand begins to generate buzz, we track the impressions, reach, and engagement of each hit. We follow what people are saying about your brand and take note of how successful we are in getting your story across. From here, we generate a report to include analytics and observations that are extremely valuable in assessing our progress towards initial goals and identify ways to continue moving forward to take your brand to the next level.

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching the world take note of the brand that you built from the ground up. Let us help you share your story, and take a look at some of the exciting coverage that we have gained for Gus Sloan to date. Follow along with the brand’s ongoing media coverage and the continuation of their story by following us on social.

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