Micro Influencers: Why We Love Them and You Should, Too.


Georgia Dueck

 Although the idea of the influencer is still fairly new, it’s a position that holds an incredible amount of power. Influencer partnerships are a constant topic of conversation not only in our office, but in the offices of just about any brand you love. Strategic influencer partnerships can give your company a significant boost; in sales, in followers, and in brand awareness. We’ve worked with influencers with ranges in followings and both have their benefits. We lovingly refer to the massive increase in followers we saw for our client, Sandhill Wines, as a result of our partnership with Jillian Harris, as ‘the Jilly Effect.’ We’re lucky to have strong relationships with influencers of Jillian’s size, but this type of partnership isn’t necessarily the right fit for every client or every campaign. Today, we’re sharing why we love the micro influencer (1,000-5,000 followers), and how working with one can sometimes be even better than working with ones with large followings.

micro influencer

Flexible Rates

One of the first reasons working with micro influencers can be beneficial to your brand is the flexibility in pricing. It’s no secret that influencers with massive followings can have hefty price tags for their work, and for good reason: our Sandhill Wines x Jillian Harris partnership resulted in a 30% increase in followers. You can expect more approachable fees or more flexible options, which is especially ideal for a new company working with a smaller budget.

Build Relationships

Working with micro influencers gives you and your brand the opportunity to build relationships early on. One day, that same influencer you worked with when they had 1,000 followers could grow to one million, with companies left and right trying to get on their good side. Lucky for you, you’re already there.


Another reason we love working with growing influencers? They are eager to build their profile and work with like minded brands. By reaching out to appropriate influencers in the same sphere as your brand, such as lifestyle, fitness, or tech, you’re making their lives easier and helping to expand both of your portfolios in a partnership that’s exciting and new. It’s a win-win.

These are just a few of the reasons we love to partner with micro influencers. Let this be a word of advice to those beginning their work in this field or those who are not sure where to start: a bigger following does not always equate to better content. Support small and you can win big.

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