Instagram Guides: Why You Should Incorporate Them Into Your Strategy


Georgia Dueck

When Instagram guides launched in November, we couldn’t wait to start incorporating them into our clients’ content. They allow brands and content creators to share places, products or posts in a step-by-step guide, creating a community with local businesses, attractions and people. 

Here are some of the reasons we think Instagram Guides will increase your reach, grow engagement and help your brand build relationships.

Community Engagement

One of the great things about Instagram Guides is that it’s a simple way to expand your community. When creating a guide you can tag and highlight other businesses, encouraging them to share and interact with your brand. This helps expand your reach (and theirs!).

Brand Growth

Including other brands in your Instagram Guides can also result in growth for both accounts. Sharing your guide to stories will increase opportunities for other businesses to reshare your content, leading to more exposure. With our client Stripped Inc, once we shared curated gift guides to stories we saw other brands engaging and reposting our content, getting new eyes on the account that may not have seen it before.

Building Relationships 

Supporting small businesses is important now more than ever. Featuring other brands aligned with yours in a themed guide is a great way to start building relationships and give some extra support.

Now that you have all the positive impacts of creating a guide, how are you going to incorporate them into your strategy? Whether it’s creating a gift guide or sharing your local favorites, using Instagram’s new features will give you a competitive edge and a more favourable view in the algorithm. It’s a win-win.


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