Link your brand in with Linkedin


Georgia Dueck

Contrary to popular opinion, Linkedin is more than just a job search engine. With more than 700 million users to date, it’s the perfect platform for your brand to tell its story, boost credibility and reach a wider audience. Whether you have a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you can use Linkedin to communicate your organization’s brand, culture, and products. Here are some tactics to help you get started. 



Visualize your data

The best way to quantify growth or show progress is through data. Rather than using the standard black and white graphs, you can use tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva to make captivating visuals of your data for content. Eye-catching content is always a hit with a digital audience. 


Post interactive articles

Find topics of relevance to your brand and share them to boost engagement and initiate conversations with your audience. You could always use captions that ask a question or an opinion to start the conversation on your page.


Collaborate with industry thought leaders

Find think tanks, leaders, or experts that align with your brand and collaborate with them to present interactive talks, interviews, panel discussions, etc to post in your Linkedin activity. 


Promote your organizational culture

Utilize owned photographs of your company’s important events in posts. This will give an insight into the culture of your organization and the brand, further reinforcing your “story” and engagement with the target audience. Everyone loves a good photo!


Understanding your audience and your platform is necessary to drive your brand’s growth. Don’t be afraid to research, experiment, and try different techniques for strategizing your


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