Staying Curious in Work and Play: Inspiration Hour 01


Georgia Dueck

 In any job it’s easy to fall into a routine and to lose that inspiration. You figure out what works, and you do it again. As digital storytellers, it’s our job to avoid a ‘lather-rinse-repeat’ process when it comes to creating content for our clients. While each has a unique strategy that we develop to guide our work, it’s still important to challenge ourselves to think outside of the box. One way we do this is by sharing things that other brands are doing that are interesting, groundbreaking, or that simply spark joy. It gives us a wider scope when looking at what we can do for our clients, both current and potential. So, grab your Friday happy hour drink of choice and join us for the first iteration of our new inspiration series where we’re sharing some of the brands that we’ve been watching. 

Amanda – GP’s #1 Fan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love all things Goop and all things GP (if you know, you know). I’m as inspired by its brand (tight AF, btw) as I am by its super-savvy business and marketing strategy. If you can look beyond the controversy, Goop is actually a grade A case study in the importance of consumer profiling and multi-channel marketing. In short: they know their people, and they know what they want. Podcast? Of course. Netflix series? 100%. Wellness summits? Sign me up (2021? A girl can dream).

Pam – Conscious Shopper

I’ve been trying to focus on supporting slower fashion and being more intentional when I do decide to shop. Everlane is one of my favourite brands that I always come back to because of their transparency with how their products are made and the costs associated with this process, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions. The styles are inclusive, minimal, and high quality, so I always know I’m getting a timeless piece with the bonus of understanding exactly where it came from, too!

Claire – Looking Good, Feeling Good

I’ve always loved the customer experience at Aritzia. From the beautiful stores to the rotating artwork on their shopping bags, every inch of the brand is thoughtfully presented and instantly recognizable. I was also impressed with their quick response to COVID-19. They really stepped up with their Relief Package initiative for frontline healthcare heroes as well as their Community Relief Fund to help support their teams during store closures, and their reaction to lead with their heart is very inspiring. 

Georgia – Living Colourfully

Right now, all I want to see on my feed is joy and colour (words I have found to be synonymous). I love that we’ve been seeing a trend in moving away from that classic all-white-everything look and really exploring the full spectrum of the rainbow on Instagram. One example I love is Billie, whose feed can best be described as dreamy. Another account I love belongs to photographer Arielle Vey. Scrolling through her posts, I feel sunshine and inspiration to incorporate more colour in my creative work. Right now, I think we could all use some of that.   

Megan – Making Way for Wellness

I use my personal Instagram as a platform to discover more about my passions – good food, health and fitness. Well+Good does an excellent job at posting content that speaks to these passions in a down to earth and relatable way. I also find that they don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t place too much emphasis on the aesthetically “perfect” feed that a lot of brands prioritize in this day and age. They obviously care more about the content they are putting out to their followers than how their feed looks which I appreciate!

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