The Collective Goods 05: Nicola Pyo, Account Coordinator


Claire Henwood

Welcome to The Collective Goods, a blog series that digs into the hearts, minds, and workspaces behind Reformation. Today, meet Nicola Pyo, the quick witted account coordinator, who keeps our clients’ social feeds up to date and our team powered up with her extensive stash of snacks and sour candy.

Name: Nicola Pyo
Title: Account Coordinator
Lives in: Vancouver, BC
From: Vancouver, BC
Years in PR: 2

1. Quick – word association. What words describe you?

Loyal, attentive, caring, organized, creative, personable, driven, curious.


2. Tell us a bit about your career to date. How did you get into PR, and how did you get where you are today?

In some ways I feel like I stumbled into where I am today but in reality it’s been a lot of working my tail off to get here. I started in PR through my Public Relations diploma where I gained hands-on experience working with Café Crepe and the Canada Nail Cup. In 2016 I completed an internship at the Robson Street Business Association and worked as a social media coordinator role for a local startup. Earlier this year, I connected with Amanda in a local women’s networking group called Girl Gang and joined Reformation in a contract role. In March I became an account coordinator.

3. In another life, what would you be doing?

Either working in New York at Glamour or Teen Vogue OR finding a way to turn my love of true crime and internet creeping skills into an investigator position. (This other life could also be my 10 year plan).

4. Current Netflix addiction?

Old episodes of Forensic Files are my go-to background show and I’ve started watching Shameless with my boyfriend. My list of to-watch shows is 200 miles long. I’m so behind on TV right now because I’ve been listening to so many podcasts (my current podcast faves are: Cold Case Files, Canadian True Crime, Who? Weekly and Anna Faris Is Unqualified).

5. What were you like in high school? 

Probably super annoying to all of my classmates. I was one of those kids that did EVERYTHING. Student council, drama (tech work), service club president, grad chair, managed the football team, peer counsellor and overall just super involved with my school. I’m sure people were sick of seeing me everywhere by the end of it. It got to the point that my friend’s would ask me about what was happening in the school instead of relying on announcements because they knew I would know. Honestly though, I loved the go-go-go because it allowed me to try everything, learn a lot and meet some really great people.

6. What does your day-to-day look like?

Lots of Instagram. I handle the social posting for all the accounts so I spend a lot of time on my phone engaging with followers. My day usually starts with emails, mapping out my posting for the day, tracking media hits and then connecting with the leads about how I can support them. Add in a coffee an hour and lots of snacks and you’ve got my day in a nutshell.

7. Describe your workspace. How does your environment affect your work?

I keep my desk pretty simple – a few frames with some black and white art, my trusty coffee mug and a few touches of green. While I keep my desk top pretty clear, my drawers are ‘where the magic happens’. I’m well known in the office for having a pretty stocked snack drawer – think labelled bags of mini Oreos, Ritz bits and teddy grahams. I almost always have sour candy with me too.

8. What’s it really like working in the PR industry?

Fast-paced and challenging. You need to make sure you are quick on your feet and have thick-skin. Being adaptable and open to change is key. Staying level-headed and on your feet after a crazy week feels SO rewarding.

9. How do you define success?

For me, success is finding that crossroad of being content in both work and life. What good is success if you don’t enjoy any second of it?

10. Share a little known fact about yourself.

I’ve started my own line of stationery! It’s a small operation as of now, but I have plans to grow. It’s been fun to get creative and create wedding stationery, cards and notepads for people. My ‘Shit list’ desk organizer is my favourite piece to date.

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