The Collective Goods 03: Pam McMeekin, Account Director



Welcome to The Collective Goods, a blog series that digs into the hearts, minds, and workspaces behind Reformation. Today, say hello to Pam McMeekin, the globetrotting, Gastown-dwelling account director that keeps our team on task as much as she keeps us on our toes.

Name: Pam McMeekin
Title: Account Director
Lives in: Vancouver, BC
From: London, ON
Years in PR: 3.5


1. Quick – word association. What words describe you?

Kind, trustworthy, caring, hardworking, driven, passionate, adventurous, patient.

2. Tell us a bit about your career to date. How did you get into PR, and how did you get where you are today?

I sort of fell into PR. The summer before my final year in university, a family friend who owned a PR company in Palm Springs offered me an internship. I really enjoyed it and began to take on more work throughout my final year, when I was offered a full-time job in my last semester. I worked as an account executive for just over two years before deciding to take some time to travel throughout Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. While I was living in Australia, I received an unexpected job offer with a branding firm and decided to take a leap of faith and move to Vancouver. It was there that I truly realized my love for brand development, which eventually brought me here to Reformation.

Pam-McMeekin-account-director-Reformation-digital-marketing-PR-Vancouver3. How do you define your role at Reformation?

Like Amanda always says, my role is similar to that of the air traffic controller. My job is to be the link between our clients and the team to ensure all of the clients needs are met. I oversee the team, assist in putting together our clients’ strategic plans, determine deliverables based on these plans, and set timelines to ensure our strategy for each client is met on time, and even more importantly, on budget.

4. Describe your workspace. How does your environment affect your work?

My workspace is very minimalist. When we moved into our new Yaletown office and styled our work stations, I purposely kept my space simple and bright with a touch of greenery from Botany Living for a calming touch. My desk often piles up with to-do lists and sticky notes, so the simpler I can keep it, the better. I’ve worked remotely for most of my career so by now I feel like I can work almost anywhere, but that being said, I work best when my space has minimal clutter and plenty of natural light.  

5.  Name a few of your favourite social destinations in Vancouver. 

My go-to spot is definitely the Alibi Room. I love their constantly changing craft beer menu and the casual vibe. I’m also really into The Diamond. It’s a good destination when you want to just take it easy and catch up with friends. I recently discovered Nelson the Seagull, too – I could literally eat their avocado toast every single day of my life.

6. Share a little-known fact about yourself.

When I was six years old I wanted to open a hotel next to an airport and call it Jet Lag. I’m talking business plan, rooms mapped out, details down to what soap I was going to have in the rooms. I was a weird kid.

Pam-McMeekin-account-director-Reformation-social-media-agency-Vancouver7. What is one of your top bucket list goals?

The Ciudad Perdida trek in Colombia.

8. Where do you see the PR industry heading?

Digital all the way! As the landscape is changing, PR needs to move with it. I think that it’s such an exciting time for our industry because it’s changing so much and moving so quickly in this new direction.

9. What one piece of advice would you give to a business owner considering hiring a PR agency for the first time?

Find an agency you click with. Working with an agency is all about sharing your passion with a team of people who can use their expertise to help take your business to the next level. If you don’t have a good feeling, it’s probably not meant to be. Always trust your gut.

10. What’s it really like working in the PR industry?  

It’s definitely not as glamorous as everyone thinks. Sometimes I really think that people assume I just spend my days at photo shoots or events. Sure that’s the highlight reel, but a lot of hard work and long hours are put behind those ‘fun’ and ‘glamourous’ things you see us posting about on social media. We just make it look good!

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