The Collective Goods 04: Georgia Dueck, Account Lead


Amanda Haines

Welcome to The Collective Goods, a blog series that digs into the hearts, minds, and workspaces behind Reformation. Today, meet Georgia Dueck, the creative, animal-loving account lead who’s always ready to cheer the team through every project, big and small.

Name: Georgia Dueck
Title: Account Lead
Lives in: Vancouver, BC
From: Vancouver, BC
Years in PR: 2

Reformation Georgia Dueck account lead social media PR

1. Quick – word association. What words describe you?

Silly, ambitious, curious, helper

2. Tell us a bit about your career to date. How did you get into PR, and how did you get where you are today?

I technically started in PR as a sophomore at Boston University in 2012 when I declared PR as my major, but my first real dose of experience was during my semester abroad in Australia where I interned at a non-profit called Lifestart. After a series of internships throughout school, both in Boston and Los Angeles, followed by a contractor position in Vancouver after I graduated, I decided it was time to find a more long-term home, leading me to Reformation. You can say I hopped around a lot, but I think my experience all over the world has helped me not only gain perspective, but also learn how to work with different types of people.

3. In another life, what would you be doing?

Working at a wildlife reserve and caring for animals. If I wasn’t so afraid of blood I would be doing it now!

Reformation Georgia Dueck PR social media agency vancouver4. Current Netflix addiction?

Not Netflix, but I’m currently obsessed with The Handmaid’s Tale. Unbelievable relevance today, and especially impressive being that it was originally published in the 80s. Might be because I went to school in the states  and have a major interest in the psychology of politics, but I think anyone can get into how dark and thrilling it is.

5. What is one of your most memorable experiences to date?

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal when I was living in Sydney, Australia. That, and seeing Beyonce at the Rose Bowl last year.

6. Describe your workspace. How does your environment affect your work?

I like to think of my workspace as organized chaos, where everything I could need is right in front of me. I typically have notes all over my desk (and walls), and can be found with multiple tumblers, mugs, and glasses. I’m a thirsty girl.  

I cannot work well with a totally “clean” space (as in, no personality pieces, etc.). I need a space that feels like me and feels lived in. A sterile environment often distracts me more, and can often lead me to seek out distractions.

On my desk I have two glass bottles from IKEA that serve as makeshift vases for dried lavender – one of my favourite scents. I also have two framed prints I picked up from The Latest Scoop, and at minimum one mug (this initialed one from Anthropologie is a personal fave, I have another at home, too) that sits on top one one of Anthropologies celestial coasters. As far as colour goes, my desk looks similar to the rest of the Reformation team – a lot of white!

Reformation Georgia Dueck PR social media agency vancouver7. How do you define success?

For me, it’s any time I feel like I’ve learned something new. I’ve always loved learning and the pursuit of knowledge, so for me, it’s when I can walk away knowing I’ve grown or broadened my horizons.

8. Where do you see the PR industry heading?

I think we’re going to continue to see extremely creative and out-of-the-box activations, physically and online. It takes a lot more to make people pay attention, and it’s now up to brands to rise to the occasion with interesting campaigns.

9. What does your day-to-day look like?

Emails, matcha, emails, calendars, emails, have a giggle-fest with the team, emails, work out, refrain from checking emails, sleep.

10. What’s it really like working in the PR industry?

Hard work! It’s important to be flexible and adaptable. Things change so quickly, especially in this online landscape, and it’s our job to be on top of it and willing to change our methods to better suit our clients’ needs. There’s a lot more behind-the-scenes work that goes on compared to what you see a Samantha Jones or Olivia Pope doing, but it’s an incredibly rewarding career. Oh, and above all, there’s always time for a glass of wine with your team – there’s no accomplishment too small for a cheers.

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