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There’s one thing we know for sure: most of today’s public relations agencies aren’t doing enough to get the job done. And that’s good news for us. No one-trick ponies here – just champions of the belief that when you know better, you do better. We’re proof of that, from our powerful, integrated approach that hits consumers from all angles, to the simple, straightforward way we run our business. This is modern public relations. And it works.


Our Promise

Dedicated Service

We offer our brands unparalleled service that cuts to the heart of the matter. From a dedicated account team for every client, to our lightning-fast turnaround times and stop-at-nothing attitude, we’ve got your back from day one. Guaranteed.

Flat-Rate Pricing

We’ll say it: billable hours are bullsh*t. We’d rather spend our time tallying our wins than counting our hours and issuing (unpleasant) surprise invoices. That’s why we offer totally transparent, flat-rate pricing. You pay what we say. Every time.

Proven Results

As an award-winning agency, we’ve got the hardware to back up what we already know: we’re good at what we do. From small start-ups to big-name brands, we know what it takes to build a modern public relations strategy that delivers.




Social Media Management

Social media that goes beyond the surface. We understand social media on a strategic level, with a focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. From photography and content planning to full community management, we specialize in launching new social media feeds and overhauling existing social media feeds alike, ultimately building the following and engagement that your brand deserves.

Core Services: Content Planning • Photography • Community Management • Sponsored Content

Influencer + Brand Engagement

Trusted endorsements make a difference. We get your product in the hands of both national (macro) and local (micro) influencers to build an authentic and meaningful relationship, then work together to develop content to expose your brand to their followers. We can also dream up collaborations between your brand and other like-minded businesses, resulting in activations that cover everything from mutually beneficial giveaways to pop-up shops and beyond - the possibilities are endless.

Core Services: Product Seeding • Organic + Sponsored Content • Partnerships • Brand Activations

Media Relations

Media coverage builds credibility. We specialize in creating press materials, pitching stories to print, broadcast, and online outlets, and securing invaluable earned media coverage. Our media relationships have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of exposure for our brands, in everything from Canada’s four major television networks, to the New York Times, Globe & Mail, and National Post, to endless magazines, websites and blogs, and radio programs and podcasts.

Core Services: Press Materials • Targeted Media Pitching • Media Training • Earned Media Coverage

Visual Content Creation

Get the picture. We work alongside an arsenal of experienced and diverse photographers, videographers, and graphic designers who understand our process and vision. Still images for media consumption, dynamic video clips for social content purposes, design for branded collateral - you name it, we can do it. Our valued collaborators work with us to bring your modern public relations strategy to life, ensuring we have the visuals to back up every single one of your brand stories.

Core Services: Photography • Videography • Graphic Design

Experiential Event Planning

Experience is everything. We conceptualize and produce impactful experiential events that connect your brand with targeted media, influencers, and consumers. With years of experience executing events from intimate (as few as a dozen guests) to full-scale in size (think hundreds, if not thousands, of people), we know how to create experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Core Services: Conceptualization • Guest List Management • Vendor Coordination • Production




After the contract is signed and our initial deposit is paid, we’ll email you a link to our intake kit, which will prompt you to share a variety of information about your business. Your responses will help educate us about your brand and provide direction on your vision, allowing to develop a strategy that makes it reality.



Next, we’ll kick things off with a call or in-person meeting to review the scope of work, timeline, and objectives for our work. This key point of connection ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength from the beginning, while introducing our collaborative process and your account team. We’ll also review the intake kit, fill in any gaps in information, and complete a few fun exercises to get the creativity flowing.



Now that we know the finer details about your brand, it’s time for us to assess the situation and gather all of the background information and hard data we need to make informed recommendations. From analyzing your brand’s strengths and opportunities to sizing up the competition, our research will lay the foundation for designing a fact-based modern public relations strategy that meets your objectives.



After we’ve shared our findings, we will determine the direction and market positioning for your brand. We’ll start by getting into the hearts and minds of prospective buyers, creating psychographic profiles for your top three target audiences, then develop a brand positioning strategy that includes key messaging, tone + voice directives, and a visual moodboard to ensure we are on the right track.



We will develop a full modern public relations strategy for your brand, starting with content pillars and hashtag + engagement directives for social media, and adding on various influencer, brand and media touchpoints as your scope of work requires. This strategy will remain consistent throughout our work together, with an annual review to make any necessary tweaks as your brand evolves.



Relying on our experience, expertise, and invaluable intuition, we will carefully map out how we will bring your brand to market. From pitching your story to targeted media outlets, to partnering with carefully selected influencers and creating major social media traction, we will design a custom tactical plan that details every step and outlines our goals, so everyone is clear on what’s next.



Once your feedback has been received and implemented, it’s time to launch! We will take care of any loose ends that need to be addressed before kicking off our tactical plan, such as optimizing social media profiles, assembling product kits for influencers, or designing press materials, then go live on our planned launch date.



Return on investment means everything to us. We’ll provide regular, in-depth reports to showcase our progress, highlighting key milestones and progress against our goals and objectives, while incorporating crucial data like impressions and analytics. Every report also includes a detailed written analysis, reflecting on our results and mapping out what comes next. No guesswork. No disappointment. And best of all, no catch.

“Working with Reformation has brought a unique blend of sophistication and fun to our brand. Their innovative know-how, extensive network of top media and influencers, and keen eye for design are second to none.”
– Jill Kivett, Vice President Western Region, Marketplace Events