Vital Supply Co. Real Food Reset


Amanda Haines Lazeski

Vital Supply Co. Real Food Reset

To time-poor, performance-oriented, health-conscious Vancouverites, Vital Supply Co. is the only healthy meal preparation brand that offers fuel for healthy bodies, sharp minds and big lives. Its balanced meals are strategically designed to deliver ample energy and taste, using primarily local, organic produce, and ethically sourced meats cooked sous-vide to produce ultimate flavour and texture. Complete with balanced macronutrients, and without gluten, dairy or refined sugars, Vital Supply Co. makes healthy eating easy.

Vital Supply Co. hired us to design and implement a modern public relations strategy for the Real Food Reset, a convenient, easy clean-eating challenge designed to kickstart healthier eating habits. By targeting active individuals, busy professionals, and health-conscious parents with a vested interest in establishing healthier eating habits, the Real Food Reset offered the perfect opportunity to trial Vital Supply Co.'s unique value proposition while jumpstarting the transition into their fall routines. The client asked us to leverage the Real Food Reset as a way to seed the brand with traditional media and influencers to build buzz in advance of opening its flagship storefront location in Railtown.

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The Reformation

    • Implemented a traditional media outreach campaign, including a press release + targeted media pitching, to secure editorial coverage around the Real Food Reset
    • Teamed up with a variety of online outlets to give away a '10 Days of Vital' trial to readers
    • Strategically selected local influencers in the health and lifestyle space to seed a complimentary 'Day of Vital' and encourage organic engagement with the brand on social media
    • Followed the buzz through dialled brand mention tracking and organic Google searches to record all traceable mentions of Vital Supply Co. resulting from our outreach

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    • Media Relations
    • Influencer + Brand Engagement
    “Vital Supply Co. offers the perfect meal solutions for busy Vancouverites on the go. The meals are strategically designed to deliver ample energy and taste, using primarily local, organic produce and ethically sourced meats cooked sous vide to produce ultimate flavor and texture. These meals are sans gluten, dairy or refined sugars and they make healthy meals easy.”

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