Gray Monk Local Licensee Campaign


Amanda Haines Lazeski

Gray Monk Local Licensee  Campaign

Gray Monk Estate Winery is one of BC’s oldest wineries, and has been situated at their Lake Country vineyard site for more than 40 years. The full-service winery is known for its aromatic white wines, in particular their top-selling Pinot Gris. Over the last few decades they’ve gained notoriety for their picturesque Lake Country Estate that is a must-see for anyone visiting the Okanagan and their award-winning wines.

Gray Monk has been an ongoing client of Reformation’s since 2017. During 2019 and into 2020 through our work, we began focusing on supporting local licensee restaurants that serve Gray Monk wines in Western Canada. As the pandemic began in March 2020, this is something we began to focus on more regularly, as restaurants needed more support than ever before.

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The Reformation

    • Craft posts highlighting 1-2 restaurant licensees each month and share via Instagram, Instagram stories or Facebook
    • Capture in-the-moment photos of restaurant licensees and Gray Monk wines
    • Craft posts highlighting restaurant licensee offerings such as weekly specials and take-out 
    • Re-shared photos from restaurant licensee accounts featuring Gray Monk wines and imagery from consumers
    • Craft + share messaging that encourages consumers to support local restaurant, utilize COVID-19 safe language
    • Craft posts to highlight charitable efforts from Andrew Peller to support hospitality workers throughout Canada

    Our Services


    • Strategy Design
    • Influencer + Brand Engagement
    • Social Media Management
    • Visual Content Creation
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