East 29th Brand Launch


Georgia Dueck

East 29th Brand Launch

East 29th is an all natural skin-care brand that realized its potential exploring the physical and mental health benefits associated with adding lemon rinds in various forms to our daily lives. Born out of need, founder Victoria Ferguson was inspired to learn about skin care after experiencing bad acne most of her life that was worsened during pregnancy. After working as a makeup artist for film and television and hearing numerous clients apologize for the condition of their skin, Victoria realized that there was a gap in the market for a brand that would unify skin care with self care. The vision: to not only work on being softer on ourselves, but to also create a solution that would make skin feel softer, too. East 29th is a minimalistic, essential solution for open-minded individuals, regardless of gender, who believe in taking care of themselves inside and out.

East 29th contracted Reformation to support the launch of its inaugural product, the Vital Serum, including a strategic launch plan, social media management, and organic influencer engagement and exposure. 

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The Reformation

    • Launched East 29th’s social media presence with content creation and community management
    • Managed influencer outreach to 25+ targeted recipients based in New York, California, and across Canada, including delivery of the Vital Serum, targeted pitching and strategic, thoughtful follow ups to position East 29th as a brand that thinks beyond skin
    • Developed monthly content calendars featuring both original photography and carefully curated user generated content
    • Strategy design including social media content development, publication, and community management, brand positioning, and influencer engagement to position East 29th as a brand that goes beyond skin and believes in promoting wellness from the inside out.

    Our Services


    • Strategy Design
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Social Media Management
    "I love it. I’ve been using it before bed and have been waking up with hydrated and soft skin."

    The Results

      • Received a potential organic reach of +561k with +30 story mentions and 5 feed posts from strategic influencer outreach and a product drop of the Vital Serum
      • Grew Instagram account by 1,337% in three months with +266k impressions and +12k engagements
      • Received mentions from influencers including Nicole Zajac, Katie Cung and Nina Huynh
      • Developed meaningful relationships with influencers who later reached for brand partnerships
      • Success of our three month strategy and execution led to an ongoing contract with East 29th

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