July 17, 2020

Micro Influencers: Why We Love Them and You Should, Too.

 Although the idea of the influencer is still fairly new, it’s a position that holds an incredible amount of power. Influencer partnerships are a constant topic of conversation not only in our office, but in the offices of just about any brand you love. Strategic influencer partnerships can give your company a significant boost; in sales, in followers, and in … Read More

June 18, 2020

Change Lives Here

The last few weeks have been a time of deep learning and sincere reflection on how we can enact real change for Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC), both within our own organization and our industry as a whole. Since being founded in 2012, our mission has always been to challenge the status quo. It’s right in our name: … Read More

May 29, 2020

Staying Curious in Work and Play: Inspiration Hour 01

 In any job it’s easy to fall into a routine and to lose that inspiration. You figure out what works, and you do it again. As digital storytellers, it’s our job to avoid a ‘lather-rinse-repeat’ process when it comes to creating content for our clients. While each has a unique strategy that we develop to guide our work, it’s still … Read More

May 22, 2020

Turning a Negative Into a Positive: How Dealing with Angry Followers Can Build Your Brand

One of our biggest goals when we work with clients on their social media marketing is to establish and nurture greater engagement from their followers through meaningful content. More than ever, followers have high expectations from the brands they follow and will be quick to tell you if something is wrong, especially now that they have so many channels to … Read More

March 16, 2020

Crisis Communications Planning and COVID-19: 5 Tips for Small Businesses

On Thursday, March 12, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic. Since then, the situation has escalated hour by hour, with federal, provincial and municipal guidelines changing the way we work and live in Canada. With more than 370 confirmed and presumed cases of COVID-19 in Canada reported as of 9 a.m. ET today, the window … Read More

October 3, 2019

Pitch Perfect: Our step-by-step guide for getting your brand in the news

In a media landscape that is becoming increasingly saturated with new forms of media, one thing has remained the same: traditional media is a key part of building credibility for your brand. With a unique media relations strategy that exposes your brand to the outlets that its target demographic is already enjoying, we leverage our extensive media relationships to secure … Read More