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Leaders of the modern public relations movement since 2012. We are Reformation.


What is modern PR?

We understand that the way we communicate with each other – and the way brands reach consumers – is constantly changing. We get that it takes more than just a press release to get your brand the attention it deserves. And we know that we have to do better, because we know better. That’s why we take a powerful, integrated approach that hits consumers from all angles, from print and broadcast media, to websites and blogs, to Instagram, Facebook, and beyond. And when it comes to how we run our business? That’s different, too. No bureaucracy, no tired tactics, no regrets. This is modern public relations. And it works.

Welcome to the Reformation.

Our Culture & Values

We are Audacity.

We do differently, because we – and our brands – think differently. We shun the basic and the bland in favour of innovative and interesting ideas that move the needle past the point of no return.

We are Collaboration.

We get that we are strongest as a sum of our parts, from our team, to our brands, to our network of influential relationships. We remove egos from the equation in the interest of kicking ass and getting results.

We are Balance.

We know that hard work doesn’t have to be hard. We strive for middle ground between work and play, seeking out new adventures, fresh inspiration, and different perspectives that allow our brands to reap the benefits.

We are Heart.

We work hard because it matters to us. We partner with brands not because of the paycheque, or the promise of prestige, but because we feel damn good about working with them and celebrating our successes together.

We are Integrity.

We say what we do and we do what we say. We cut the shit in the interest of cultivating direct and honest relationships with our brands, removing guesswork from the equation so we can get the job done right.

We are Growth.

We get what we give. We are eternal students, constantly seeking new ways to learn and evolve our business along with us so that we – and our brands – never get left behind.

Our Team


Amanda Haines Lazeski


A self-described girl on the go, Amanda Haines Lazeski is the heart of Reformation. It’s Amanda’s magnetic energy, quick wit, and no-nonsense approach to business that has propelled Reformation over the last seven years to become the thriving modern PR firm that it is today. A natural born leader, she approaches life and business with inherent adaptability, seeing opportunity in every challenge while keeping her finger firmly planted on the pulse of ‘what’s next,’ from branding and design to music and lifestyle trends.

What gets Amanda out of bed in the morning? Besides her puggle Dexter, it’s her desire to help businesses succeed by crafting irresistible brand stories. Outside of the office, find Amanda cozied up in her Railtown abode with her husband Joel, around the corner at Belgard Kitchen sipping a glass of wine, or hitting the Sea-to-Sky for a weekend getaway to the mountains.

Pam McMeekin


When Pam McMeekin speaks, people listen. A genuine nurturer with a measured, thoughtful approach to everything she does, Pam applies that same TLC and attentiveness to her work, ensuring each and every account in her care finds a reason to smile throughout the course of a Reformation collaboration.

Despite her Ontario roots, Pam is quintessential west coast: laid-back, approachable, and friendly, with an ambitious edge — think beach-loving sun-chaser with way better hair. Her lifelong desire to learn and explore landed her in countless countries, including a two-year stint living in Australia and New Zealand. Today, she continues to live in an ever-present state of wanderlust, hoping to visit as many countries as she can in her lifetime.


Claire Henwood

Account Lead

Claire Henwood approaches life and work alike with her signature sense of optimism, sincerity, and focused intention, bringing cheerful energy to everything she does. With an impeccably organized to-do list, this self-professed perfectionist treats every assignment with meticulous attention, and never rests until the task at hand is complete.

In her day-to-day, Claire is often reminded of the lessons she learned over the last five years as a floral designer, which paid the bills while she earned her post-secondary credentials. Outside the office, you can find Claire indulging in her appetite for adventure by exploring the outdoors, tending to her house-plants, or singing the praises of Savary Island Pie Co. – her favourite not-so-guilty pleasure.

Mariah Collins


She may share her first name with a famous songbird, but that's where the comparison stops: Mariah Collins is the total opposite of a diva. With a biting sense of humour and equally notable positive attitude, Mariah stops at nothing to get the job done (no matter what it takes, though we haven't yet put that to the test). Her passion for digital marketing and collaboration led her to Reformation, where she was hired the very same day as her last university exam.

Mariah's first love was the PNW, where she grew up - first in Washington state, and then North Vancouver, where she moved in 2011. An adventurer at heart, Mariah loves collecting recipes on Pinterest and gathering travel inspiration from her favourite Instagram influencers (it’s all in a day’s work, after all).


Heather Murray 


Ambitious and daring with a playful spirit and kind heart, Heather uses her endless creativity and fierce determination to get the job done. That’s what led her to Montréal, where she spent the better part of a year learning the ins-and-outs of the fast fashion industry after earning her Diploma in Fashion Marketing. Heather’s passion for sharing stories and desire to pursue a career in public relations and digital marketing inevitably led her back to Vancouver, where she joined the team at Reformation.

Beyond the 9 to 5, Heather is a dedicated style blogger and passionate writer. Clumsy and “ungraceful,” she is always the first one to laugh at herself, never taking anything too seriously (life is just too short). A consummate multi-tasker, you will often find Heather with a coffee in one hand and wine in the other - a perfect example of the balance she looks to strike in her everyday life.

Mackenzie Dunham


An agile problem solver who thrives when pushing the boundaries of creating and executing innovative marketing strategies, Mackenzie Dunham loves being hands-on when developing content for brands. Her expertise spans a wide range of skill sets, from past lives in web design and content creation, to her current gig of styling photoshoots, fine-tuning logistics for seamless activations, and pitching successful media and influencer collabs.

When she’s not planning the city's hottest Instagrammable moments, Mackenzie is on an endless search for the best coconut milk cortado in the city (Milano is number one at the moment ). In Mackenzie's spare time you can find her cuddling her spunky morkie, reading a good book on her Strathcona patio, or planning her next surf trip.


Megan Howarth

social media COORDINATOR

Megan is an avid collaborator and pursues everything she does with TLC and a lot of heart. With an educational background in marketing and public relations, her keen desire to bridge the gap through meaningful connections is what drew her to Reformation. She brings a worldly perspective to the team, from her roots in England to her Hong Kong childhood and her high school years spent in Calgary.


A self-proclaimed adventurer, Megan spends most of her free time in the outdoors. Find her hiking through the coastal mountains in the summer, and skiing the interior slopes in the winter months. When she isn't busy planning her next bucket list getaway or exploring the local vegan eateries and craft breweries, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes of her own.

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